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Voicefox is based in the San Francisco Bay area, California, United States. The company was founded in 2016 by CEO Gaurav Kotak, a former senior software engineer with an MBA from the University of California. The company’s objective is to enable customers to obtain maximum value from their online meetings and conferences. Voicefox’s cloud-based software works with the user’s existing calendar and conferencing to attend, record, transcribe and analyse meetings. Voicefox is compatible with Google, Outlook, and other digital calendars, as well as digital conferencing software such as BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, and Gotomeeting. The software is completely transparent: Voicefox is visible as an attendee on the digital calendar and during meetings, and it can be disabled when required. Once Voicefox has joined an online meeting as a silent attendee, it records exactly what the user sees and hears. During the meeting, the user can save sentences as bookmarks. After the meeting, Voicefox sends a recording, as well as a text transcription, via email or Slack. Voicefox offers a free 30-day trial, without the need for any credit card details or downloads. Support is available via email and LiveChat. The Voicefox website features a knowledgebase and an online community.

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Official description provided by Voicefox, Ltd

Record and capture highlights from your online meetings.

Perfectly Tailored to your Use Cases: Voicefox is designed to work across different types of meetings. You can setup what type of meetings you’d like Voicefox to record, configure what keywords to search for, and flexible analytics to provide insights into your conversations.

Automatically record your meetings, even as an attendee
- Voicefox dials in as a silent attendee and records the entire meeting.
- Records exactly what you see, including web-cam and screen-share.
- Automatically post recordings to Slack, or email attendees right after the meeting.

Review an hour-long call within minutes
- Playback entire video at different Show more

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